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Medication Therapy Management

You can enjoy your medication therapy management service here at Carepoint Pharmacy. This means you can benefit from medication therapy review, anticoagulation management, immunization, pharmacotherapy consultation, and wellness programs. Through these services, you will have health within your hands. You can look closely at your drug therapy when you partner with our expert pharmacist such that there will be immediate prevention and resolution of any medication-related problems.

Through our Medication Therapy Management service you can:

  • Efficiently manage your current medicines
  • Look for means to save on cost
  • Check possible side effects you might develop
  • Prevent duplication of your medicine regimen
  • Assess possible interaction of the medicine and food
  • Effective dosage management

You can expect our pharmacist to do:

  • Comprehensive review of your list of medicines in relation to your physical assessment findings
  • Formulation of a medicine treatment plan
  • Monitoring of efficacy and safety of medicine therapy
  • Improvement in adherence through medicine education and client empowerment
  • Proper documentation and communication to maintain comprehensive patient services

Here at Carepoint Pharmacy, your health and wellness in relation to the medicines you are taking are our priority. You are always guaranteed to be in good hands with the services of our pharmacists.

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