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Specialty Medications

We do more than just filling your needed prescription medicines. You can trust that we have the specialty medicines to address your unique medical problem whether it is a chronic disease such as COPD or Systemic Lupus or a complex health issue such as myasthenia gravis or HIV/AIDS. We can give you medicines to answer your physical ailments. This will assure you of getting the most of your life so you can always stay active and fit.

These specialty medicines may have special requirements in terms of handling, storing, and administering. That is why you can partner with our expert pharmacists to give you clinical information so you can properly adhere on how it should be given to you — this means you can enjoy disease management in a friendly and cost-effective manner.

We can partner with your physicians too; such that your needed prescriptions can be given electronically or through telephone. You can talk to our pharmacists at 732-885-1000 to be assisted in this service. You can likewise fill-out the referral form below if you’d like to place an order. Be assured that our team of professionals will notify you of updates on dispensing and the refill status of your medicines.

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